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This is yet another example of teachers giving the education system a bad name. Teachers are supposed to be leaders and help show students responsibility. They need to be able to set examples, not use them to sell their drugs.


This is a very controversial topic! It is sad that the 2 children’s lives led them into a situation like this. To me, the Ohio law seems to be outdated. They are both very young and only 2 years apart. Even though it shouldn’t have happened, it did! And it was consensual with both parties. Now this 14 year old boy will forever be labelled a rapist, even though it was with his girlfriend and agrred upon. What a horrifying experience that will most likely haunt both these children for many years to come. My heart goes out to them and there families who have a VERY long road ahead of them.

Channel 2 News

SPRINGBORO, Ohio – A 14-year-old Ohio boy is being charged with rape after he and his 12-year-old girlfriend were caught allegedly having sex at school.

Both the boy and girl say the sex was consensual.

However, the Warren County prosecutor said the boy was charged with rape because the girl is under the age of 12, which is Ohio law.

Residents say it’s difficult to understand how this happened.

“When we were in school the teachers monitored the halls, they would come in the bathrooms, they knew where we were,” said Springboro resident Cindy Marconet. “They’re too young. When I was 12 years old I didn’t know about things that deep.”

“I know I’m older and from a different generation, but my gosh,” said resident Norma Alexander, who agrees with Marconet. “You just think your kids are raised with better morals than to go to school and have sex.”


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3rd Grader Suspended for Self Defense

Nathan Pemberton, 9 years old from Colorado was reportedly kicked in the back then punched in the face. Nathan retaliated by punching the boy in the face. Nathan has repeatedly complained to his parents of being bullied at his school, and when reporting it to the teachers not much punishment was enforced. Unfortunately for Nathan and his family, the school has a strict “no tolerance student discipline policy” which meant automatic suspension. This is very sad to me! When my daughter grows up I want her to behave, do her homework, be respectful, and not fight. But, if she is not allowed to defend herself in a situation like that who knows how far it could go until a teacher or staff member came by to stop it. How does this make you feel? What would you do if you were Nathan’s parents?