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Mom who Loses Child Starts Foundation to Help Sick Children

In January 2007, a Pennsylvania family had been battling their son, Caleb’s, ear infection and an ongoing cold. One morning he woke up stiff, with glazed eyes. His parents took him to the emergency room where they found a brain tumor. Caleb was sent to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, CHOP, where he stayed for 5 days in a coma. The family was constantly surrounded by supporters, around 30 people at all times to give their support. On the fifth day, Caleb passed away, leaving his Mother, Nicole Mitschele devastated. During the stay at CHOP, she had noticed that a lot of children went weeks without visitations from friends and family. “‘A lot of kids on the same floor—in fact, a little boy in the next room—had been  in the hospital for more than a year and hadn’t had a visitor in 2 or 3 weeks,’ Mitschele said.  ‘Lots of the kids had siblings [outside of the hospital]  or the parents had to keep working, so they had to take care of other  responsibilities.’” Determined, Mitschele started a foundation to help sick children of all ages, undergoing long-term hospital treatment. She called the foundation “Pennies from Heaven” and has helped around 128 families since May 2010. “’We’ve paid numerous mortgage payments, or electric, gas, oil or other utility  bills,’ Mitschele said.  ‘We’ve even paid for bus tickets for families to  get to the hospital. We’ve gotten stacks and stacks of applications—I keep every  single one.’” They have fundraisers and rallies to help raise the money. Donations are taken at: http://www.calebspennies.org/

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/04/23/foundation-helps-pay-bills-families-with-sick-children/#ixzz1subW9a3V


Army Surgeon Has Possible Cancer Prevention Vaccine

An army surgeon believes he has a vaccine to prevent cancer! Fox News reporters say: “Col. George Peoples – chief of surgical oncology at the San Antonio Military  Medical Center – said the drug NeuVax has begun phase III clinical trials and  could eventually lead to FDA approval.” For over a decade, Peoples has directed the vaccine development program. The cancer vaccine is called dubbed E-75, and targets a specific protein in breast cancer cells, called HER2/neu. Assoluta Tranquillita states “the vaccine is a mix of the E-75 peptide of the HER2 protein and an immune system stimulant. “They are going to run a clinical trial involving nearly 700 breast cancer patients with the overall goal that the participants will be disease free for at least 3 years. This is very astonishing work! Prevention of cancer would be a huge step in the health field. My hat goes off to the hard-working researchers in this program, who are also spending time tending to hurt soldiers overseas. Talk about heroes!

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/04/20/army-surgeon-to-test-vaccine-that-could-prevent-cancer/#ixzz1sjFaAJyM or



How far would you go for a dying family member?

A young boy, named Drew Cox, from Texas wanted to make his cancer-striken father feel better, not knowing the impact he was about to make. Just like any normal lemonade stand, he charged only 25 cents per cup, except over $10,000 was raised to help pay for medical bills. This six-year old boy, Drew, is an absolute hero! It makes me wonder what lengths I would go through to help my family if the situation ever occured. Do you have any heroic or outstanding stories to tell?