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Washington State Manhunt, Man Suspected of Killing Family and Pets

King County has reported that a husband, Peter Keller, 41, is the prime suspect for the murders of his wife, 41, daughter, 19, and the 2 family pets. The family members were shot from close range and trapped inside a burning house. They also found a dog and cat shot dead. “This is a crime of almost unbelievable evil,” said King County Sheriff Steve  Strachan. Keller has not been able to be contacted as of yet. He has been described as 5’5″, 150lbs, and considered an avid hiker. If you see this man contact the authorities and do not try to persue him. He is considered armed and dangerous.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/04/24/police-hunt-man-after-wife-daughter-found-shot-dead-after-house-fire/#ixzz1szgXKhhv


Burger King pays $150,000 for Sexual Harassment

A young woman gets her first job at Burger King, like many do. Except she ends up getting harassed by her older, married manager. He reportedly “followed her around, touched her, asked her about her virginity, told her to have sex with him and other male employees, and asked how much that would cost.” The settlement came to a whopping $150,000. The Burger King franchise has had many other high-paying settlements for sexual harassment cases. At a Burger King in Clemmons, N.C., 5 years ago, Kathleen Joyner, then 18, “suffered unwelcome touching, sexual advances, and requests for sexual favors from her general manager.” The assistant managers ignored her complaints and she ended up winning a $85,000 lawsuit. In 2004, “a Burger King franchise paid out $400,000 to seven teens who had worked at one of its fast food outlets in a St. Louis suburb. After allegedly enduring groping and demands for sex for weeks, the female employees complained to assistant managers, as well as the district manager, but they shrugged it off.” This is not uncommon in fast food franchises. The real problem is that managers and people with the power to help, DO NOTHING. They shrug it off like it’s a splinter. “‘I just thought that was how the real world was,’ said one 16-year-old, after other managers dismissed her complaints that another supervisor was stroking her when they were alone, describing his sex life in graphic detail, and showing her pornography.” Luckily, there is help and people who care out there. The EEOC has a website to inform you of your rights. If you are being harassed or abused at work, do something about it. Know your rights. Check out this website: http://www.eeoc.gov/youth//index.html

For more information on this story, go to: http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2012/04/23/burger-king-pays-big-bucks-to-teen-workers-in-sex-harassment-cas/?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000058?test=latestnews