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Mom who Loses Child Starts Foundation to Help Sick Children

In January 2007, a Pennsylvania family had been battling their son, Caleb’s, ear infection and an ongoing cold. One morning he woke up stiff, with glazed eyes. His parents took him to the emergency room where they found a brain tumor. Caleb was sent to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, CHOP, where he stayed for 5 days in a coma. The family was constantly surrounded by supporters, around 30 people at all times to give their support. On the fifth day, Caleb passed away, leaving his Mother, Nicole Mitschele devastated. During the stay at CHOP, she had noticed that a lot of children went weeks without visitations from friends and family. “‘A lot of kids on the same floor—in fact, a little boy in the next room—had been  in the hospital for more than a year and hadn’t had a visitor in 2 or 3 weeks,’ Mitschele said.  ‘Lots of the kids had siblings [outside of the hospital]  or the parents had to keep working, so they had to take care of other  responsibilities.’” Determined, Mitschele started a foundation to help sick children of all ages, undergoing long-term hospital treatment. She called the foundation “Pennies from Heaven” and has helped around 128 families since May 2010. “’We’ve paid numerous mortgage payments, or electric, gas, oil or other utility  bills,’ Mitschele said.  ‘We’ve even paid for bus tickets for families to  get to the hospital. We’ve gotten stacks and stacks of applications—I keep every  single one.’” They have fundraisers and rallies to help raise the money. Donations are taken at: http://www.calebspennies.org/

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/04/23/foundation-helps-pay-bills-families-with-sick-children/#ixzz1subW9a3V


Who Do You Love?

In memory of my daughter being away this weekend, I felt it would be a perfect time to talk about different types of love. There is romance love, which sweeps your breath away. It takes away your thought processing, so you can’t think of anything else. Often making mistakes or wandering off into a day dream that your lover will walk through the door and sweep you off your feet. Then, there is true love which some don’t believe in, or just tell themselves that so they don’t let themselves feel lonely. True love comes into a deeper wavelength. You find yourself happier and glowing inside out. You are full of energy and can’t help but wanting to become a better person. It can really change your life perspective. But, there is a different kind of love that truer and more wonderful than anything else imaginable. The kind of love that drives you mad, but melts your heart. This, my friends, is the love you have for a child. Most people say that it can only be explained by the pure experience of having a child. It starts when you have this little pea size miracle growing inside your womb, and then quickly stages and developments fly by. Soon, you can feel your baby move around or even hick up. You find yourself singing to them and cradling them automatically through your belly. When you lay down to sleep, your baby wants to wake you up and say hello! Children used to completely freak me out! I never wanted to have kids, but then I got pregnant. It has been such an amazing adventure, with all its ups and downs! Sure, there are plenty of parts that I have erased from my memory, like the birthing pain, pure exhaustion from lack of sleep, and the hell from our first week of potty training. The only thing that truly matters, is looking into your child’s face and seeing what an amazing little kid they are becoming. Getting extra love from them, just because they wanted to feel close to you. Hearing about how she is driving her Dad’s family crazy because she is talking about my constantly! Children are a true miracle, and I thought it was worth mentioning. I love you my little Zoebug!

Do you have the not-so-sunny Spring blues?

My toddler and I have had just about as much as we can handle from the Winter cold! We did some running around and adventures around the community, but also had to spend a lot of time hiding out from the bugs going around. Now that Spring is here, I had high expectations of sunshine and tanning in the backyard. Instead, I am forced to do my gardening in the rain, cold, and especially WIND! It’s very easy to lose your mind from cabin fever with a toddler. Luckily, there is always a brilliant thing called ART DAY! What started out as a cute little gesture turned into my daughter’s favorite game: Blue’s Clues. One day after a nap we spent some time talking about things we love. I had the house arranged before-hand with clues. The first: Lightning McQueen’s eye, the second: heart stickers, and the third: a picture of my daughter, Zoey. The clues led to her art table station I brought downstairs and had coloring pages of Blue. She spent the next hour and a half looking for clues that I had to keep replanting all over the house! Let’s just say I have to keep plenty of extra paw prints! Another activity Zoey loves doing, is making masks. It’s amazing to see her creativity flowing! I always let her choose what materials she wants to use: paper plate, cereal box, paints, crayons, glitter glue, etc. She has always loved expressing herself through painting, and now as she’s nearing 3 years old we have more opportunities of widening her range of art materials! It’s fun, easy, cheap, and can take up a whole afternoon of a non-sunshine day! What creative crafts do you and your toddlers do?


Blue’s Clues necessities!


You can place clues inside or outside!


Get silly with your toddler!


Let them be proud of their art work!


Zoey’s thinking chair!

3rd Grader Suspended for Self Defense

Nathan Pemberton, 9 years old from Colorado was reportedly kicked in the back then punched in the face. Nathan retaliated by punching the boy in the face. Nathan has repeatedly complained to his parents of being bullied at his school, and when reporting it to the teachers not much punishment was enforced. Unfortunately for Nathan and his family, the school has a strict “no tolerance student discipline policy” which meant automatic suspension. This is very sad to me! When my daughter grows up I want her to behave, do her homework, be respectful, and not fight. But, if she is not allowed to defend herself in a situation like that who knows how far it could go until a teacher or staff member came by to stop it. How does this make you feel? What would you do if you were Nathan’s parents?