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A Seattle, WA Weekend Adventure

Last weekend I went on a family vacation to Seattle. I absolutely LOVE Seattle! It is one of my favorite cities, and I always leave wanting more. This was Zoey’s first visit there, and she absolutely loved it too. We stayed at the Four Seasons hotel which is right in the heart of downtown Seattle. We tried to fit as much in as possible. We went to the Aquarium, Zoo, Space Needle, Children’s Museum, Pike’s Place Market (more than once), and so much more! Here are some pictures from the trip.


Here is Zoey looking around from the hotel room.






Here is Zoey and my Dad.






We saw a beautiful elephant at the Woodland Zoo.





Zoey can’t pick her own nose, but the lion statue can’t complain.





Wrestling an octopus on the way to lunch.


6 Teens Got Sick after Drinking Hand Sanitizer

A new trend is forming, while 6 teens were taken to a California hospital after reportedly drinking hand sanitizer. “Dr. Bill Mallon, who works in the emergency room at Los Angeles County USC  Medical Center, told KTLA he had seen too many young people come into the  hospital with alcohol poisoning after drinking hand sanitizer.” Teenagers lack having on-hand alcohol, so they often turn to other means to get drunk. “Sanitizer is 62 percent ethyl alcohol and 120-proof after distillation.” So, parents be aware of this and cough syrup, vanilla extract, and mouthwash.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/04/24/teenagers-drinking-hand-sanitizer-to-get-drunk-doctors-say/#ixzz1sxzdTHfM

Justice For Ryder, the Loss of a Child

June 22, 2011 was the day after Ryder’s first birthday. He had just turned into a big, beautiful one-year-old. Though, this day was no ordinary day, this was the day that Ryder was taken away from his family. Ryder’s mother, Tawney Johnson, had come home during lunch to visit her brave little boy. Tawney returned to work at noon, and by 12:14pm, the nanny had called 911, stating Ryder was holding his toy and had fallen backward, and that his eyes were rolling back in his head. A CT from the emergency room showed bleeding at the front left portion of Ryder’s brain. The nanny later changed her story to her being in the kitchen where she heard a big thud. “Kelli Anne Jacobsen, 27, of Richland, was charged Thursday with first-degree manslaughter for recklessly causing Ryder’s death by inflicting abusive head trauma to the boy.” “Dr. Kenneth Feldman, said the brain bleed that Ryder suffered normally is caused from severe whiplash events that also can cause neck muscle and spinal cord bleeding, documents said. Tawney and her friends have been devastated ever since. For now, Tawney has been medically unable to work and has since then started a “Justice For Ryder Foundation”. They are selling bracelets and key chains to help support her through this time she needs to grieve.

Don’t forget to “LIKE” on his Facebook Page at: http://www.facebook.com/makenzieinvolved?ref=tn_tnmn#!/pages/Justice-For-Ryder/165426830232728

For more information on the story of Ryder or on the case, go to: http://www.justiceforryder.blogspot.com/

Also read: http://www.tri-cityherald.com/2011/10/28/1696278/manslaughter-charges-filed-against.html

Isabel Mercedes Celis – MISSING CHILD

Isabel is a 6 year old gorl from Tucson, AZ was last seen in her bed last night (Friday 4/20/12) and was discovered missing this morning at 8AM. She shares her home with her parents and 2 brothers. Fox News reports: “‘Because of the possibly existing that this child could have been abducted we’re  treating it as if it’s that significant,” Hawke said Saturday afternoon. “We  don’t want to be caught behind the ball by not exploring that possibility. So  because of that we literally, all hands on deck, every available resource has  been called.'” Isabel’s description is: height 4’, weight 44lbs, brown hair, and hazel eyes. If you know anything please contact the authorities immediately! I just hope this little girl is okay. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family!

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/04/21/tucson-police-search-for-missing-6-year-old-girl/#ixzz1sjC2iYXr

What The Heck Were We Thinking!

I was going through some of my families old photos this morning and thought I would share them with you. My oh my, how the styles have and will continue to change! Looking through some of these, I want to tell my mom that she, in fact, did use cruel and unusual punishments with me. I remember growing up, the style was big, baggy shirts tied into a knot at the bottom side, with long leggings that strapped under the bottom of your feet, and to top it off, a huge side pony. We have countless home videos of my cousins teaming up and doing dance routines where we would do the running man, and walk in squares, while kids in the back would be jumping side-to-side in a rotating fashion. To be honest, I was the kid ion the video with absolute no coordination or dance skills, so I was mainly flailing off from here to there with people dancing around me ha ha. The joys of being young and care free! I hope you enjoy some of these pictures! What were some of the crazy or silly things you did growing up? What was your favorite outfit?

Who Do You Love?

In memory of my daughter being away this weekend, I felt it would be a perfect time to talk about different types of love. There is romance love, which sweeps your breath away. It takes away your thought processing, so you can’t think of anything else. Often making mistakes or wandering off into a day dream that your lover will walk through the door and sweep you off your feet. Then, there is true love which some don’t believe in, or just tell themselves that so they don’t let themselves feel lonely. True love comes into a deeper wavelength. You find yourself happier and glowing inside out. You are full of energy and can’t help but wanting to become a better person. It can really change your life perspective. But, there is a different kind of love that truer and more wonderful than anything else imaginable. The kind of love that drives you mad, but melts your heart. This, my friends, is the love you have for a child. Most people say that it can only be explained by the pure experience of having a child. It starts when you have this little pea size miracle growing inside your womb, and then quickly stages and developments fly by. Soon, you can feel your baby move around or even hick up. You find yourself singing to them and cradling them automatically through your belly. When you lay down to sleep, your baby wants to wake you up and say hello! Children used to completely freak me out! I never wanted to have kids, but then I got pregnant. It has been such an amazing adventure, with all its ups and downs! Sure, there are plenty of parts that I have erased from my memory, like the birthing pain, pure exhaustion from lack of sleep, and the hell from our first week of potty training. The only thing that truly matters, is looking into your child’s face and seeing what an amazing little kid they are becoming. Getting extra love from them, just because they wanted to feel close to you. Hearing about how she is driving her Dad’s family crazy because she is talking about my constantly! Children are a true miracle, and I thought it was worth mentioning. I love you my little Zoebug!

Hello Lovely People of The World!

I figured I would let you know a little bit about myself. I am a single mother who believes that there is more to life then potty training and food stained clothes. I absolutely love learning new things! Anything! I spend my spare time reading, writing, watching the news, and trying to learn new crafts, like knitting, cooking, and even apocalypse survival skills ha ha. I wish my days would be three times as long so I could finish everything I want to do! I am very understanding and caring, and I would love to hear any and all opinions, thoughts, or questions from everyone!