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Salmonella that Killed Dozens of Dogs, Sickened 14 People

So far, at least 5 people have been hospitalized by Salmonella poisoning. It is believed that tainted dog food is the colporate. 14 people from around 9 different states have reported symptoms. It can be contracted from handling infected dog food then not properly washing hands before eating. “Our folks are really wanting people to be aware of it. They want to be aware  that this is causing people to get sick because they may have product in their  homes. For every one that is reported, there may be 29 others,” said CDC spokeswoman Lola Russell. In 2005, aflatoxin, a toxic mold, was found in food made at the same Diamond  Pet Foods plant in South Carolina, which resulted in the death of dozens of dogs. Fox News reported, “the company offered a  $3.1 million settlement. The Food and Drug Administration determined the deadly  fungus likely got into the plant when it failed to test 12 shipments of corn. The recall covers a number of pet food brands made at the Gaston plant,  including Canidae, Natural Balance, Apex, Kirkland, Chicken Soup for the Pet  Lover’s Soul, Country Value, Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Premium Edge,  Professional, 4Health and Taste of the Wild.”

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/05/05/salmonella-in-dog-food-sickens-14-people-in-us/?test=latestnews#ixzz1u2XYrnqL


Richland, Wa: Vicious Dogs Free to Kill and Injure *contains graphic photos*

The word about a brave little dog is growing in the Tri-Cities, WA area. The 5-month-old dog’s name is Sammie. Earlier this month she was attacked by neighborhood dogs with a connecting backyard separated by a chain link fence. Sammie has suffered extreme injuries and had surgery repairing her almost severed leg.  Courtney Brown, one owner of Sammie, said “I just hope this doesn’t change how sweet of a puppy she is. I hope her personality stays the same. I know she is traumatized.”

Courtney’s daughter was the first to notice that Sammie was in trouble. She ran to her Mom yelling, Sammie is hurt. Sammie is hurt. “I ran back here and I could just hear crying and I just went through the bushes,” Courtney said. The family is now hoping Sammie heals completely, without having to lose her leg.

Directly after the attack, the owner of the neighbor dogs, Crystal, locked 2 of her dogs in her house, An eyewitness reported, that she left her house in a hurry after the attack. Animal control was not able to contact her until 3 days after the incident. There was a rumored conversation with a “landlord” who spoke with Animal Control, who said Crystal was in Canada.

On the left is a picture of the damage caused to the leg. It is, as of now, healing and will not need to be removed.

This isn’t the first run in Sammie’s owners, Courtney Brown and Jason Haggerty, had with their neighbor’s dogs. In 2009, their 10 week old lab puppy was killed by an attack from the very same dogs.

Courtney explained, “Her [Crystal’s] dogs got out and a neighbor went and got her out of bed and told her to get her dogs. She took them [Crystal’s dogs] home and then about an hour later they got out again. 3 of the 5 dogs were in my yard and they were all pulling  my dog. My dog had 3 broken legs and a crushed rib cage. The other neighbor ( not the dogs owner) came over and tried to save my dog. He finally had to spray her dogs down with the hose to get them to let go.”

If you are not absolutely horrified yet, you will be! Courtney and her family were not home during the accident and when they got home “there was a note left on our front door basically saying…. my dogs got in your yard and im sorry to say killed your puppy. I don’t know which of my dogs did it. I will pay for your puppy. I know that doesn’t give u much comfort but I don’t know which of my dogs did it. Your pup is in the box by the lawn mower.”

Sure enough, the dog was in a box on the side of the house. There was blood on the puppy in the box and also on the yard rocks, with dirt kicked up on the patio. “It was horrible,” Courtney said.

Crystal’s dogs were cleaned up and animal control was unable to know which dogs had killed the puppy. Therefore, the dogs remained at their property. It is believed, that two of the dogs were deemed dangerous and were supposed to be kept in an enclosed area with a 6-foot-high fence.

Courtney and Jason have not yet received an apology from their neighbor, or any money for the veterinarian bills. They have set up a full metal fence last Saturday in order to better protect their entire family. Sammie is doing better as of right now. The talk among the community is feeling sympathetic towards the family, and all agree that luckily it wasn’t a child injured.

Courtney’s opinion on why nothing has happened is, “if accidents with animals happen on private property animal control can’t do anything about it because our animal laws are almost non existant.” Although frustrated and exhausted from the month’s events, Courtney feels, “that’s not animal controls fault its a lack of good dog laws.” Hopefully, this will help bring to light that we need a revision of the laws that cover dogs attacking other dogs.

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