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Washington State Manhunt, Man Suspected of Killing Family and Pets

King County has reported that a husband, Peter Keller, 41, is the prime suspect for the murders of his wife, 41, daughter, 19, and the 2 family pets. The family members were shot from close range and trapped inside a burning house. They also found a dog and cat shot dead. “This is a crime of almost unbelievable evil,” said King County Sheriff Steve  Strachan. Keller has not been able to be contacted as of yet. He has been described as 5’5″, 150lbs, and considered an avid hiker. If you see this man contact the authorities and do not try to persue him. He is considered armed and dangerous.
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/04/24/police-hunt-man-after-wife-daughter-found-shot-dead-after-house-fire/#ixzz1szgXKhhv


Robber that Killed Partner and Stole $2 Million Detained

In Pittsburgh, a paid guard of an armor truck carrying more than $2 million robbed the truck and killed his partner in the process. U.S. Attorney David Hickton of Pittsburgh informed The Associated Press that 22-year-old Kenneth Konias Jr. was arrested in Pompano Beach, Florida and is being held by the FBI. Konias’ parents, Kenneth Sr. and Renee, had made a public plea on March 21st for him to surrender. “I can tell you that the parents are both relieved that he’s now in custody, that the search is over for him, and they want the wheels of justice to turn fairly,” Konias’ attorney, Charles LoPresti said, “they’re very relieved that nobody, including their own son, is in danger now that the search is done.” On February 28th, Konias shot Garda Cash Logistics guard Michael Haines then fled with the money. He was later reported contacting friends and asking about the extradition laws in both Mexico and Canada. The nearly $2.3 million stolen was untraceable, but so far around $275,000 have been recovered.




For more information on this story, go to: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/man-wanted-in-2-million-armored-car-heist-slaying-of-partner-nabbed-by-sheriff-in-florida/2012/04/24/gIQAmK1EeT_story.html or http://privateofficernews.wordpress.com/tag/31/