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9-year-old Boy Reaches Fame with Cardboard Arcade

Caine Monroy has always had a passion for arcades. He used to take apart his toys just to see how they work. Recently, he put together an arcade made out of cardboard. He is charging people $2 to play, in hopes of saving money for college. I bet he never imagined his success. A man, named Nirvan Mullick, walked by the cardboard arcade and was so touched by this boy’s dream that he made a documentary of him. The video has had over 3.5 million views, and has helped Caine to earn over $180,000 towards college funds. On Caine’s website, it states, “As seed funding for the “Caine’s Arcade Foundation,” the Goldhirsh Foundation has generously pledged a $250,000 dollar-for-dollar matching donation: for every $1 donated by the public to “Caine’s Scholarship Fund,” the Goldhirsh Foundation will donate $1 toward establishing the Caine’s Arcade Foundation to support other amazing kids!” Caine even had the opportunity to meet with one of NASA’s top rocket scientists. What an amazing story of a truly inspirational boy.

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Fireballs and Explosions in the California Sky

Across Nevada and California Sunday morning, countless worried citizens flooded calls into police stations in light of daylight fireballs and sounds of explosions. “A loud explosion and a streak of light occurred over roughly a 600-mile line across Nevada and California. It was probably a meteor, say astronomers.” Some even believed it to be an earthquake. “It made the shades in my room shake hard enough to slam into the window a couple times,” said Nicole Carlsen of the Reno area. “I kept looking for earthquake information, but (there was) nothing. I even checked the front of my house to make sure no one ran into the garage. I wish I had seen the meteor.” No damages or injuries have reported, as of yet. “From the reports, I have no doubt it was a fireball,” said Robert Lunsford of the Geneseo, N.Y.-based American Meteor Society. “It happens all the time, but most are in daytime and are missed. This one was extraordinarily bright in the daylight.” Fireballs can be seen as far as 50 miles above Earth, but with the loud booming noise, it is suspected that it broke apart at only 5 miles above Earth.

This black and white photo from a rooftop webcam released Thursday, April 15, 2010, by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences shows a fireball as it passed over Madison, Wis. Scientists say it’s likely a similar meteor flew over parts of northern California and Nevada Sunday morning.

(AP Photo/University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences)

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New Fitness Guru With Practical Approach

Staying in shape is nearly impossible these days with McDonald’s and Pizza Hut around every corner. In the US, more than one-third of adults and approximately 12.5 million children and adolescents are clinically obese. And, over 285 million people around the globe have Type II Diabetes. But, I’m sure you have been collecting your own statistics at the mall or on the streets. You no longer have to be afraid of embarrassing fat and cellulite. Here’s how: Aaron has spent over 15 years trying every diet and exercise imaginable. He knows what works and what is just a fad. Part of his reasoning for sharing his secrets with you is “Because of the huge demand for training and nutrition methods that work I developed to give readers all the information and direction they need to make decisions about their training and fitness ambitions.” His raw passion for health and fitness helps to give you the best information for all of your diet and exercise needs. After years of personal research he delivers a powerful message that knowledge is key in being successful. “Though physical strength and build are of great importance-the intellectual and emotional strength of an individual is ultimately what makes the man-or woman.  Everyone needs to understand that achievement in the weight room should represent achievement and confidence in the real world.” Now is the time to take back control of your health, and Aaron is just the man to do it. No gimmicks. No fads. Just actual Strength that will last.

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Congrats Neil Diamond

Singer, Neil Diamond, 71, and his manager, Katie McNeil, 42, wed yesterday in LA with only close friends and relatives. This is Diamond’s third marriage, and McNeil’s first. In September via Twitter, he announced his engagement by saying “Good news coming from sunny LA/ and you’re the first I want to tell/ Katie & I just got engaged/ and I hope you wish us well.” It has been 17 years since his divorce from Marcia Murphey which lasted 25 years and welcomed 2 sons. He ended up paying over $150 million in the settlement, but stated Murphey was “worth every penny.” Diamond’s first marriage was to childhood school sweetheart, Jayne Posner, which lasted 6 years and welcomed 2 daughters. Diamond and McNeil first met while McNeil was producing a concert documentary in 2009. Diamond said he was “lovestruck” over McNeil. Congrats to both of the newlyweds!

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to stop by for a few minutes and say hello! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! My baby girl just went to her Dad’s for the weekend, and I am heading out the door to see The Hunger Games (for the second time). I have a lot of stuff to do this weekend, and my Dad is back in town from New York! I will definitely make time to come on here and post some more blogs! What is everyone up to this weekend? Any exciting plans or vacations?