Dentist Removes Teeth of Ex

Anna Mackowiak, 34, was treating a toothache for her ex-boyfriend, Marek  Olszewski, 45, only a few days after being dumped. Mackowiak started the treatment professionally, but changed her game plan after seeing Olszewski lying in the chair. Olszewski received a massive dose of anesthetic while Mackowiak allegedly took out all of his teeth. His jaw was wrapped in bandages so he could not open his mouth. Olszewski didn’t find out the full extent of his dental work until he went home and looked in the mirror. Fox News states, “Olszewski said he plans to get implants, but his new girlfriend was so  unnerved by his toothless mouth that she left him.” Mackowiak is under investigation and could face up to 3 years in prison.

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