Facebook Doesn’t Control App Privacy Policies

If you are running Facebook Apps, then your privacy information is being scanned and passed around, being used like a “passport” across the open internet. Zuckerberg will not be able to help you if your Facebook app is “misbehaving.” One group has had enough. They have created a software, called Privacy Score which will help bring some security. Jim Brock, PrivacyChoice Founder and CEO, says, “Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook apps every day, sharing personal profile information widely across thousands of app providers.Each app provider has its own privacy policies, which in many cases lack even minimal assurances. Our research also revealed that those apps bring in scores of third-party tracking companies, which in many cases also lack basic protections, choices and oversight.” The Privacyscore App also gives you a 0-100 privacy rating, giving you an informed decision before authorizing an app. The Privacyscore App launches today on Facebook.





For more information on the Privacy Score App, go to:  http://www.slashgear.com/privacyscore-scans-facebook-apps-for-privacy-rating-23224168/


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