Lack of Whistleblowers in Government

The Columbian Secret Service prostitute Scandal keeps getting worse by the hour. “On CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Lieberman said a twelfth agent put on administrative leave was not staying at Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, where 11 other Secret Service personnel stayed, but at the Hilton.” Lieberman mentioned, the Hilton is where Obama was going to stay, which worries him. Also, the fact that no Secret Service agents blew the whistle and reported the misconduct. The charges the twelfth agent is being charged with and the reason he is on administrative leave currently unknown. Lieberman told host Bob Scheiffer, “it just gets more troubling. . . . To act as these people did in Cartagena as if they were college kids on spring break, it is reprehensible.” As of right now, Lieberman had no indication that White House staff may be involved, but he believes the White House should begin an internal review of “White House personnel, advance teams and the rest who were in Cartagena.” 6 Secret Service agents have left or will be leaving and the total number of  agents being investigated is 12, as well as 12 Department of Defense members.  “The Senator said he continues to have confidence in USSS Director Mark Sullivan ‘at this point.’ Lieberman praised him for acting ‘very quickly and very aggressively’ with the incident, and for ‘conducting a comprehensive investigation.'” Lieberman has oversight of the Secret Service and is in the midst of starting his own investigation. For more information, visit:


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