Etan Patz Update: Suspicious Stain on Basement Wall

The search continues for the notorious missing case involving Etan Patz, 6. On May 25th, 1979, Etan was walking two blocks to his Manhattan school for the first time ever. The night before his disappearance he was seen with a neighbor man, Othneil Miller, 75, who has been established as the main “person of interest” due to an unrelated “molestation chain”. Miller was divorced from his ex-wife 1 year ago for sexually molesting her 10-year-old niece. The basement of retired Miller used to serve as a workshop and was en route of Etan’s bus stop. The basement is where authorities have been searching for anything out of the ordinary, and even digging up concrete. “Authorities have found a suspicious stain on the wall of a basement being  searched in the decades-old disappearance of 6-year-old Etan Patz, a source  close to the case confirmed to” The stain was discovered by spraying the chemical luminol, which isn’t always conclusive. CNN reported: “Mr. Miller has been cooperating with this investigation for over 30 years,” attorney Michael Farkas said. “He has continued to cooperate on multiple occasions. And I am going to assist him in cooperating to the fullest extent possible.” Another suspect was Etan’s former babysitter’s boyfriend, Jose Ramos, 68, who admittingly attempted to molest Etan, but denies the abduction or murder of Etan. Ramos is currently serving a 20-year sentence for abusing an 8-year-old boy in Pennsylvania, and is due to be released this November.

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