What The Heck Were We Thinking!

I was going through some of my families old photos this morning and thought I would share them with you. My oh my, how the styles have and will continue to change! Looking through some of these, I want to tell my mom that she, in fact, did use cruel and unusual punishments with me. I remember growing up, the style was big, baggy shirts tied into a knot at the bottom side, with long leggings that strapped under the bottom of your feet, and to top it off, a huge side pony. We have countless home videos of my cousins teaming up and doing dance routines where we would do the running man, and walk in squares, while kids in the back would be jumping side-to-side in a rotating fashion. To be honest, I was the kid ion the video with absolute no coordination or dance skills, so I was mainly flailing off from here to there with people dancing around me ha ha. The joys of being young and care free! I hope you enjoy some of these pictures! What were some of the crazy or silly things you did growing up? What was your favorite outfit?


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