The Today Show – Gardening

Good morning world! Today I woke up feeling significantly better after spending all week recovering from getting my wisdom teeth surgically removed. I am very happy to say I no longer look like a chipmunk! This morning is especially wonderful for me because my Dad is in town from New York! There is nothing better than waking up to the smell of coffee and hearing the news. On The Today Show they were showing how to piece together a very simple raised garden. That got me excited for my own garden! It is getting very close to planting time, and I need to plan out what I want for my garden this year. Right now, I only have a few herbs but I am excited for juicy tomatoes, crunchy snap peas, and delicious peppers! I am very new to gardening, but happen to enjoy it very much! Last year was the first year I had my own garden. To all of you gardeners out there, what are you looking forward to this coming gardening season?



2 responses to “The Today Show – Gardening

  1. This was my garden in the beggining of the season last year! It may not be much, but it was my pride and joy! I’m hoping to expand this year!

  2. We built a raised garden bed this year and it was so easy to do! I have a few different types of vegetables growing in there! Its very exciting since this is our first time doing a garden.

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