Fox News reported: “She-Hulk” Detained an Alleged Flasher Single-Handedly

A woman from Boston was on a crowded trolley when a man reportedly exposed his manhood and touched himself inappropriately, while trying to conceal himself from the crowd. Fox News reported that “The woman, 24, yelled, but fellow passengers did not react, she said. So she  said she went into “She-Hulk” mode and lunged off the train at the man, held him  by his sweat shirt and called police.” The man tried to pull away from her super hero hold. The woman admitted to not knowing how she kept hold of him, but luckily she did. He was arrested and is now facing up to 3 years in prison for open and gross lewdness. Let’s hope that will keep one creepy man off the streets for a little while. We need more Hulk-like women to defend themselves! That is, as long as you aren’t putting yourself into deliberate harm! Common sense with a bad-ass complex could quite possibly change the future! Have you seen or experienced any super hero actions?

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