Army Surgeon Has Possible Cancer Prevention Vaccine

An army surgeon believes he has a vaccine to prevent cancer! Fox News reporters say: “Col. George Peoples – chief of surgical oncology at the San Antonio Military  Medical Center – said the drug NeuVax has begun phase III clinical trials and  could eventually lead to FDA approval.” For over a decade, Peoples has directed the vaccine development program. The cancer vaccine is called dubbed E-75, and targets a specific protein in breast cancer cells, called HER2/neu. Assoluta Tranquillita states “the vaccine is a mix of the E-75 peptide of the HER2 protein and an immune system stimulant. “They are going to run a clinical trial involving nearly 700 breast cancer patients with the overall goal that the participants will be disease free for at least 3 years. This is very astonishing work! Prevention of cancer would be a huge step in the health field. My hat goes off to the hard-working researchers in this program, who are also spending time tending to hurt soldiers overseas. Talk about heroes!

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