3rd Grader Suspended for Self Defense

Nathan Pemberton, 9 years old from Colorado was reportedly kicked in the back then punched in the face. Nathan retaliated by punching the boy in the face. Nathan has repeatedly complained to his parents of being bullied at his school, and when reporting it to the teachers not much punishment was enforced. Unfortunately for Nathan and his family, the school has a strict “no tolerance student discipline policy” which meant automatic suspension. This is very sad to me! When my daughter grows up I want her to behave, do her homework, be respectful, and not fight. But, if she is not allowed to defend herself in a situation like that who knows how far it could go until a teacher or staff member came by to stop it. How does this make you feel? What would you do if you were Nathan’s parents?


2 responses to “3rd Grader Suspended for Self Defense

  1. Wow, touchy subject for me especially that my husband and I were talking about this exact subject this morning. How I feel? Pissed to say the least. One thing I know is that I have taught my kids to stand up for themselves. And, if they couldn’t, I would run down to that school, and do a Madea on them! (Tyler Perry movie) That poor child just couldn’t take it anymore. I give all my support to the parents and to the child who was bullied! Fight back! I know I would!

    • I agree with you! We are supposed to teach our kids to do the right thing, but that means nothing if the authority won’t support it. I can understand for the school to have a strict discipline policy towards bullying, but the bullied should not have to suffer the same consequences. Children of all ages need our support and guidance! This boy and his family have been mistreated for sure!

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